We are very fortunate to have trekked along the Himalayas in Ladakh, Bhutan and Nepal although Ladakh holds a special draw for us because of our friends in Leh. We work with these friends to introduce the incredible treks throughout Ladakh to a wider audience.

The most popular trek is the Markha Valley Trek best walked in July and August for clear skies and no snow. However it is also the busiest time and the homestays and camp sites can be either booked up or get busy. Consider the Ripchar Valley Trek where even at the height of the season you can walk for hours without seeing a soul. The treks around Ladakh can be tagged onto each other to form a longer trek, or indeed add on a mountain ascent such as Stoc Gangri.

Often called “Western Tibet”, Ladakh is getting used to its place on the trekking map with a busy vibrant central shopping area in Leh where you can buy trekking necessaries. There are shops which sell sleeping bags, rucksacks, ice picks alongside many tea houses and jewellery stalls.

You should plan on spending 3 nights in Leh to acclimatise during which you can meet with your tour guide and s/he can explain in more detail your route and what to expect. We organise your accommodation in Leh and all aspects of your tour. You just need to wear your sturdy walking boots in before you get there.

We can organise your flights both internationally and internally from Delhi to Leh but leave space either side of your trip for the international flights. Flying in and out of Leh is very weather dependent. A good idea is to add a short stay in Delhi or even a tour of Rajasthan after your Ladakh trek; again, we can recommend an Indian tour to suit and book it for you.