Antarctica Marine Expeditions

Sometimes there is simply no other way to visit a destination – it’s a marine expedition or nothing. We are delighted to include just a few marine expeditions to Antarctica and on the western coast of Australia, both destinations command awe and wonder. These expeditions have departure dates which run at optimum times of year – please just ask us for any details we might have missed. We have been impressed by the absolute attention to detail taken on these expeditions, without we believe, compromising safety. The companies we work with have exemplary records on safety and environmental concerns and we are satisfied that their policies towards the landscape, flora and fauna with which the expedition engages meet with our own high standards.

Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica cruising expedition with Blue Lizard Travel provides the traveller with unparalleled access to the wildlife and extremities of the region. Enjoy the best Antarctica expedition guides who have your safety and enjoyment as their first priority. The ship on which you will live during your Antarctica Cruise Adventure has been kitted out with the most modern technology and we trust you will find it very comfortable. Each day an Antarctica expert will provide an illustrated talk to provide an insight into the coldest of Worldwide destinations allowing you to fully appreciate the area. A full kit list is suggested for your Antarctica cruise, although an insulated jacket is provided upon booking with Blue Lizard Travel.