Asia spans a number of countries, but with our collection of Touring holidays we hope to have collated the most interesting, fun, imaginative and often adventurous destinations. With iconic buildings around every corner, from the majestic Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the ancient temples of Chaing Mai from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur to the luxurious sky scrapers of Hong Kong, Asia packs a world into one continent.

The postcard images of perfect white sand beaches are all true with equally vibrant blue seas – try the Thai Islands of Koh Samui or Phuket as part of our small group tours or with our Thailand private touring options explore Krabbe, and the west coast islands. Bali and Malaysia combine beaches with mountainous interiors whilst Vietnam and the Philippines are lesser visited but stunningly beautiful retaining a sense of wilderness.

Mist shrouded hill top shrines peer out of the jungle in Northern Thailand and Northern Vietnam. The great joy of visiting Asia is that you can combine so much on one Touring Holiday. It doesn’t have to be a conventional experience – try our tours which focus on trekking, cycling and kayaking, or even cruising. We have tried to create Asian Tours with a difference which allow you to enjoy an exceptional holiday. The tranquillity of cruises or rafting trips on wide and huge rivers, the steamy mystery of the jungle and the simple beauty of island hideaways are all part of the Blue Lizard Travel Asian Touring Collection.

Culturally Asia is rich with diversity and heritage, explore further with our World Heritage in Style Tour which can be arranged privately or as part of a small group. Buddhist monks wander with saffron robes alongside everyone else going about their daily chores.

Cities in Asia can be exciting places, bustling with energy, strange smells and noisy tuk tuks, mopeds and taxis. Try street food, haggle in the open air markets, get out to the night markets and find some great bargains. Alternatively head out to the air-conditioned malls for designer brands and luxe all at good prices. If you like shopping, you’ll love Asia – if you like food, you’ll love Asia but in a nutshell it is an experience which you won’t get anywhere else.

As interest in Asia grows, so do the ways in which you can see it. Take a look at our fabulous Asian Cruise Expeditions which allow you to drift slowly through the countries of Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar taking in the bustle of the Mekong River.

It is not difficult to understand why we love Asia so much. We are certain we can arrange the best tour for you as part of an Asian holiday or as a stopover experience enroute to New Zealand or Australia.